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Hi, I'm Kit

I have been quilting since 2012, and went from quilter to quilt designer in 2019.  It was at that time in 2019, that I started publishing my patterns, and connecting with other quilters, as The Outdoor Quilter.  One of the reasons that I claimed the title, is because I am definitely someone who enjoys being outdoors.  I have been forcing my children to get into the outdoors since 2008, the year my son was born. 

I submit this photo as proof:

My friend and I had both had a baby and needed to get out, so her brother sat with them while we climbed and they screamed for mom to come back.  It was the first of many such excursions. 

Over the years, I have tried to instill in my kids a love of hiking and an appreciation for our national parks.  

One of my proudest moments as a mom is to see my kids doing things that they are nervous about.  What I mean by that is, that all kids are a little intimidated when doing something for the first time.  When my kids face those things and get their hands dirty and try something new, even when it scares them, I go crazy with pride. 

A big part of who I am, is the time I spend with my husband and children.

We ski, we hike, we fish, we camp, we rock climb, we treasure hunt, we run half marathons, we travel, we swim, we bike, we play tennis, we love being outside, and I quilt.

I want my kids to look back at their childhood and remember their mom as someone who actively participated in their adventures, and not someone who viewed it from the sidelines.  



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