Who is the Outdoor Quilter?

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Confession:  I am not THE Outdoor Quilter. 

That title belongs to my dear friend Lorene Little (right)

From Left to right:  Max, Kit, Kate, LouAnn, Lorene

From Left to Right:  Max, Me, Kate, LouAnn, Lorene

LouAnn and Lorene are both my very good friends, and are responsible for teaching me how to quilt.  Lorene would tell us all about her trailer, because for years she and her husband John Little have driven up the Oregon Coast and spent weeks and months hanging out on the beach.  She packs her sewing machine and all her quilting supplies along with her, so that she can sit, sew, and enjoy the salty breezes.  At that time, she had remodeled a new trailer to have a little sewing nook that she could store all her fabric and notions in.  She said sewing outside was the only way to do it right, and because of that she has traveled and camped all over the US with her little sewing studio.

How did I become the Outdoor Quilter?  Well, I moved.  Our new home didn't really have a place for me to set up, so I took Lorene's words to heart and claimed the back deck as my sewing spot.  While my little outdoor spot doesn't have a beach or forest to view, it does have cool breezes, plenty of sunshine, and trees.  And who knows? Maybe you'll see me someday with waves in the distance, sand under my feet, and a sewing machine humming.    

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