Atlas QAL Week 1: Fabric Selection and Welcome!

Posted by Kit Garcia on

Welcome to the beginning of our Atlas Quilt-Along!!  I'm so thrilled to be doing this quilt along with you, because, quite frankly, this can be an intimidating pattern from the outside.  Once we get through some basics, however, you'll realize that this is an easy pattern that is extremely versatile.  

This week is all about picking out your fabric,  The atlas pattern has a ton of curves so picking fabrics with non-linear patterns will make those lines blend a little bit better, but honestly, my personal philosophy is that there is no ugly or wrong fabric, you just have to find someone who likes it!

If you're not sure what fabrics will work together, Here's a tip: Pick your backing first! I almost always choose what will go on the back of the quilt first, and then choose my piecing fabric based on those colors.  They don't have to match perfectly, they just have to GO together. 

Along with picking out your fabric, grab your own copy of the Atlas pattern and for the sake of making your life easier, I highly suggest getting the Acrylic Templates.  If you are joining us in real time, use the coupon code outdoor20 to get 20% off your entire cart.  

The acrylic templates make cutting out the curved pieces a breeze, and pieces of this acrylic set will work with both the Atlas pattern and my up and coming Calypso pattern.

Don't forget to follow @outdoor_quilter on Instagram where I'll be updating our progress.  Use the hashtag #AtlasQAL to join in, show us your progress, and get some serious props for a job well done!

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