Atlas QAL Week 2: WOF week

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Welcome to WOF week.  

This week we're going to get the easiest bits out of the way -- Cutting and sewing the WOF pieces.    These are the straight pieces that we will cut again after sewing, so if you haven't ordered your Acrylic Templates, you still have time!

Cut your WOF strips according to the pattern instructions and trim the selvages

Sew them together according to the instructions.  I like to chain stitch them so I get a lovely ribbon pile on the table. 

Iron the seams and lay them on a flat surface.  

We will be using our templates to cut them out next week.  If you haven't already, print your paper templates on thick cardstock, or glue your paper to cardboard.  Another option is, and I cannot stress this enough, Buy the Acrylic Templates!  They really do save you the headache of guessing whether your lines are matched up with the seams or not.

Other items you might consider getting, or locating at this point would be: Bent tip tweezers, sewing foot with 1/4" vertical guide, and 1.25" rotary cutter for those inside curves.  These items aren't absolutely necessary, and I'll go over some workarounds if you don't have them, but they do make the job so much easier and faster. 

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