Atlas QAL Week 4: Sew Curves / Finishing The Block

Posted by Kit Garcia on

This is the most laborious week of our QAL.  We will be sewing our curved pieces together to finish the block.  If you'd like, you can check out the complete tutorial for no-pin curves HERE

Start assembling the block by sewing Pieces A & B together, according to the instructions in the pattern.  I've included both the short and the long video tutorials in this post:

This is the short version of how to sew no-pin curves.

 In the following video, I go into a little more detail on why you may want some of the tools I've suggested, and which ones you don't necessarily need, but that are just convenient.

After getting all of your A & B pieces sewn together, you will sew 2 AB pieces to either side of piece C to complete the block.  

I'll be taking a week off between week 4 and 5 of our quilt along to take advantage of the fresh snow, so I won't be posting week 5 until Jan. 10th.  Enjoy the extra time to get this stage of your quilt done at an easy pace, and don't forget to post photos of your progress with #AtlasQAL on any of your social media.




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