Atlas QAL Week 6: Sew Rows Together

Posted by Kit Garcia on

You made it to the last week of the Quilt Along, and I'm so thrilled to see your assembled quilts!  

We are sewing together those Y seams between the rows.  I suggest using thread that is the same color as the points of your hexes, as it can be visible if your start and stop points aren't perfectly matched.  So let's get started!

Take 2 rows and line them up the way they will go together.

Flip the top row onto the bottom row so that the rows are lined up along the first seam that you are going to sew, and pin using the same technique as last week, pinning on either side of the seams you want to align.


You will pin every other seam along this row.  As you pin the parts stuck together tend to twist up, that's normal, just make sure you are pinning every other seam.

Once you've pinned every other seam across the row I like to unfold it to make sure that it's done correctly before I sew anything.  It should look like this:

Sew each pinned seam starting and stopping on the 1/4" guide marks like you did before.  Don't iron at this point.

Finish the row by pinning all the remaining gaps, and sewing starting and stopping on the 1/4" guides according to the instructions in your pattern. You can now Iron the entire row (I like to iron mine open to make top stitching easier).

At this point, you can continue on row by row, or go in pairs, which is what I like to do.

OK, so I may have lied saying this was the last week of the official Quilt Along, it kind of is, but...Next week I'll be posting a mini post about trimming the quilt and quilting stretchy hex quilts.  It won't be Atlas specific, but still useful if this is your first hex quilt.  Now take a bow, and give yourself a pat on the back, and don't forget to post pictures of your quilt with the #AtlasQAL or #AtlasQuilt

Thank you so much for participating!



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