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Calypso: Goddess of islands and the sea, beautiful, fluid, born of Atlas...

The Calypso quilt pattern is a pieced hex design and was originally designed as an add-on to the Atlas pattern.  That being said, Calypso stands on her own two feet!  This pattern can be used combined with Atlas hexes, or by itself to create a pattern of waves and circles.  The Calypso blocks can be rotated to create many different layouts and patterns so that the finished quilt is as unique as you are.

This PDF comes with step by step instructions, links to online tutorials, & printable templates. I have also included multiple example layouts for the calypso blocks, coloring pages, and cut-&-play pages for you to design your own unique quilt.

This pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners to intermediate level quilters.

Note: The acrylic ruler set for Atlas can also work for Calypso ---Cue The Rock singing "You'Re WelCoMe!" --

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